Sunday, January 25, 2009

It was pretty team tattoo

So last night was D's birthday party, which I 'hosted' meaning buzzed people into my apartment.
Homegirl didn't show up til after midnight when it technically wasn't her birthday anymore so that was a good move.
There were so many women in my house I didn't really know what to do.
Where are the men? Oh hiding? Great fuck you guys.
The Japanese invaded somewhere around 2am I think. That was kind of amazing. I mean that super literally, I wish I had a picture. I opened the door to a good 10-12 Japanese kids I have never met. It was moderately surreal for a minute.
People drank a lot of beer and made a lot of noise and smoked 8 thousand cigarettes and then Thornberg challenged me to a wrestling match. Whatever else happened who cares that shit was really uncalled for and awesome.
When everyone left Liv helped me clean everything up because shes a good friend and I love her longtime.
I stopped taking pictures around the time my apartment became a smokey can of yelling sardine humans. Most disgusting sentence ever written?

Slash came over.

Hiyme acted cute I guess.

Stephanie ruthlessly defending her posish as Cutest.
Theres Corinne in the backround, probably being a total weiner.
She told me about 14 times that her camera was set to sports mode and thats why all the pictures she took stunk. Good excuse, Corinne.
Sports mode? I feel pretty wtf about that.

Putting the Al Franken drinkin glasses longstraw to use. In a flask. Gross? Sure.
I'll give peace signs to that.

Rafael says yes to both.
Denise is I guess being classically Denise. If anyone wants to decipher what that means, go ahead. Because I really don't know.

Naomi made an Aquarius cake.
It was vegan.
It tasted delish.
Naomi wins.

Also winning?
Crystals ensemble.
Puffy sleeves are rarely this attractive.

This nerdy bish.
I love her all the time.

Denise is a human wink.
I just decided that.
Oh hey look apparently boys eventually showed up.
And wore awkward sweaters? Sure.

A good edition to the stomp dance circle of Denise Krissy Stephanie and Olivia.
I think this wile out is about 3 minutes before she wrapped herself in toilet paper and threw me to the ground. I didn't even fight back for a minute because I was like, this bish is frail I don't wanna break her legs or something...
Turns out she is not frail and one must fight back to survive.

Then things happened then more things happened then I realized I was drunk while talking about Picasso with Soner and Proce.
Then a blogger who shant be named showed up and hunted for beer which was fucking weird, hi, you don't even know me, stop trying to scrounge around in my crib. Theeeeeeinks!

I feel like the only thing I talked about all night was my cats. People love my cats. They are charmers. I'm surprised no one stole the cats, thats what a fucking hit they are.

Who cares I want to take a nap.
Happy Birthday Denise!!!


hi? said...

really i just wanted to leave a comment to get my capchka. BALGJDAT! as in 'grrrrrrrrrl ima balgjdat-ass.'


Anonymous said...

well mine was sesse, like stop bein such a fuckin' sesse.

doot doot.


mancreep Henry M. McVanderhoodsen III

Denise said...

wohoo thanks your the best

Stupid Texts said...
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Happy Cuties said...

sounds french.