Monday, January 5, 2009

I crawl they jog it out

I just cried about 6 times in the last 90 minutes.
Young @ Heart is one of the most touching inspiring life affirming films I've ever seen.
Old happy people singing rock songs.
Big deal.

Well try this 3 minutes on for size.

If that doesn't make you feel something somewhere in yourself, you deserve to die.
The man leading the chorus, Fred, has apparently passed away since the taping.
His voice reminds me of Johnny Cash.
You would think he could have been some legendary person, but he's just a guy who loved his wife for 54 years and did his thing.

The critics pretty unanimously adore this movie, and they rave about the scene where the Young @ Heart singers perform for the inmates at a prison.
There really are so few things you see in film and on television that have any relevance to humanity...
This movie kicks the shit out of 99% of the competish.
I am just blown away completely, so I have to go to bed and try to wake up tomorrow as thankful and joyous and alive as a bunch of 82 year olds.

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The Deacon said...

This makes me happy. Thank you.