Friday, January 9, 2009

Bodor Alert

I had to go out last night because two nights ago I committed suicide aka watched The Brothers Solomon (negative funny)(how is that possible with Kristen Wiig and Will Arnett I don't know)
and counted change in bed.

Fact: Trannies do not wear deoderant.
Fact: Thats ok with me unless there is furious sweaty dancing involved.

Last night I went to Judy Judy Judy to meet Olivia and John and Hiyme.
Then Molly came and met us.
Denise was there for three seconds but did not stay to party.

Great Job Denise.
You missed a lot of Warren G and some 1950s rug cutter jams.

I was misinformed when I was told it was a booty bass type of night but the dj was really killing it anyway.
Until he threw in The Boy Is Mine.
But I guess thats what you get on queer night.

Oh great they're making out again.
Never stops.

John looked like a gay elf.

Some hot bitch gave me these glasses that double as a straw for yo drink.
I look like Al Franken.

So much more fun than staying home to watch eps of Intervention about diabetes.
The gays took a liking to Molly I think because she didn't wear a bra.

The bartender was not wearing underwear and you could see his crack to extreme but its fine because he was super hot homo status.
It that a Real Doll propped up in the back?


We left and walked around and it was cold and we went to Fish.
I always forget that its not that fun there.
Not Fun=Stay for about 10 minutes.

*The thing I just right now realized is that the issue with that place is the whole no dancing thing.
I am really not feeling bars where no one ever dances.
I feel like if someone danced in the Fish, they would get a bottle thrown at their head.

High Hater?

Typical we did this for about 3 hours.

Don't you ever forget to prune.

Then we did the Partys Over Terrified Fake Smile Go To Bed.

Today we ate at the Diner and got free juice and coffee and saw a Korean Pop Star/prostitot.
Molly used the adjective wicked about thrice per sentence.
Why you so Boston?

I saw the Chinese broke ass Johnnny Depp a few days ago.

The fashion in chinatown is so next level.

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