Saturday, January 31, 2009

I never talk about fashion because its way stupid and I'm way smart.
But Truthies, every season I'm ask myself who/what I want to look like.
Friends, prepare yourself for me + spring.
Basically I will be the walking talking definition of windblown.
There will probably be things tied to me/on me/around my neck and or waist.
I will call them ladytools.
They will serve little to no function.

White is the new black.
Overalls are the new booty shorts.
Body con is the new everything.
Kids are the new models.
Acorns are the new skulls. (PS I NEVER participated in that trend. Not for a second. Ugh cornballish)
Crop tops are still hugely cheesy but you will catch me in them.
Bali cutwork? Still right up my alley.

Attempting to make sense of anything I just said is futile.
I just google image searches for about two hours.
So just try to appreciate my efforts if you can, theeeeeinks!


Anonymous said...

Well, I for one talk about fashion constantly and take it VERY seriously so I know that pastels are HUGE for Spring 09 so kudos to you dear for hitting that nail on the head.


Miranda vander Hoodsen

(wife of Henry, ahem.)

Art said...

Ladytools...I dig it.