Saturday, August 9, 2008

They have problems with H's

If you did not grow up in New Jersey watching public access television this may not amuse you even remotely.
But when I watch it I feel like a wee one again sitting on the floor.
My dad loved this show.

This is a later episode from '91 but I kind of adore the drummer from The Vestrymen. He hardly moves.
At all.
This is the most relaxed grunge group to have ever existed.

I love you like a male babysitter Unkie Floyd.


Samantha West said...

1. I want a bagel


3. He looks like he is playing with asparagus instead of drumsticks.

4. I love youx

Anonymous said...

I have a request for "Fuck That Guy" - Agggggie Deyn. Cause fuck that guy.