Wednesday, August 6, 2008

No salt please.

I feel like I am about to mesh with the world of New York that I always hated out of pure jealousy.
The world where people my age work like 2 days a week yet manage to get their rent paid.
Where they like going to said part time job, and they are not exhausted at the end of the day. in fact, they want to go out for a beer afterwards.
They rsvp to parties on Tuesdays and actually go to them.
They eat dinner out at 11pm because they have a craving for raviolis.
They get drunk on days other than Friday and Saturday and and they don't regret it because it doesn't matter.
They don't have to get up at 7am anyway. NBD.
Sometimes around lunchtime they go shopping for a pair of shoes because they haven't bought any since last season.
On the walk home they run into a friend and walk around enjoying the breeze and eating bahn mi.
Who are these people?
The happy ones.


I think I am on the cusp right now.
Its totally possible that with my new (and quite pleasant) job, I will be Free Time Conley (yes please call me that in casual conversation)
You can catch me somewhere on 2nd below 14th walking around SMILING (yes I do it from time to time) smoking a cigarette, stopping in book stores, drinking iced tea, listening to my ipod, reveling in the surprising August breeze.
Whats with that anyway?
The breeze is killing it this summer.
Every time I have a conversation, its like, "whats with the BREEZE?! Its Amazing! Ugh it feels SO. GOOD!"
Totally true, it does feel SO GOOD.

Last night me Jiji and Sam went to the Metal Mag launch party, which by the way.... not metal at all.
Its some artsy fashion shit out of Barcelona.
Everyone there was beyond fashion.
They had all traveled to a wrinkle in time where fashion isn't even a word its an allmighty Power.
I feel kind of like a dick in my little flowery dress and suede ankle booties. Looking like you are 15 is fantastic for getting laid, but not really anything else.
Men are perverts like that, and I take full advantage.

Anyway, this story related to the breeze.
It was super super hot in the gallery where the party was, thank god they were serving margaritas (with actual Cuervo what a nice surprise)
There was almost no way we were going to stick around for more than an hour.
No one in this city gives a shit about temperature control anymore.
Parties left and right... never AC. Not even highly effective oscillating fans. Its total bullshit.
They aren't going green they are just cheap bastards who are tired of astronomical Con Ed bills every month.
So without fail, EVERY SINGLE TIME there is a party, a gallery thing, live music, a screening, anything...
75 fucking people end up outside in the street smoking and enjoying the breeze.
I feel like its totally fateful and magical, God is like hey guys leave your drink by the door inside and get comfs on a stoop. Check out the breeze I'm blessing you bitches with!
Sometimes God calls us bitches yes. We were created in his image, but hes like you guys didn't do a great job, so I will call you names once in awhile.

My room smells really weird, like a wet bathing suit.
Worst smell ever.
I think its coming from my soul.
Oh maybe you should tidy up Krissy!
I will in fact tidy up, sure, because its WEDNESDAY and I DON'T HAVE TO GO TO WORK.

Enjoy the breeze!
(Nancy Glazier always killing it!)
(link=prints you could always buy me for my birthday AHEM September 5th)

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