Saturday, August 16, 2008


1) Paul Newman is dying and James Dean is dead.
That is in my opinion the greatest tragedy to hit the universe of foxiness.
Only watch the following screen test if you have already masturbated at least twice today.

2) I realize how fucked up it is to follow the dream team up there with this bear daddy monstrosity, but I think...
Once upon a time...
Ron Jeremy wasn't that hideous.
I like leather jackets. Sue me.


3) Remember when Madonna came to New York and was a prostitute?
What a dollbaby

I've never been one for breasty women, but she looks great!

4) If I were a horse this is what I would look like:

Dusty Rose gallops in disheveled and untamed.
Don't ever try to tell that horse whats what.

5) This behavior is only appropriate when staying on the 40th floor or higher

What should we all mentally bounce off of Stephanie's foxy ass?
Speaking of things that can do anything...

6) Will it blend?
Tom Dickson really gets me ready to roll.
He is not a fox, but science itself is foxy.
As is unnecessary destruction.

Don't breathe this.

*99% of all credit for hilarious youtube video findings goes to the ever retarded Simon Semen Sperms.
Who is himself, a fox.
An old creepy fox.

7) For fox calls.

The gentle pings of the mbira.
Everything from Africa is foxy.
Except malaria and genocide.

8) Mimes are never foxes.

Get eaten by a fox as a matter of fact.
Marcel Marceau you are the least attractive creation the lord could ever have conceived.

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