Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fuck That Pepaw

He was once lovable.

But Fuck Bill Cosby.

Here the thing about the Cos.
Cosby Show?
Old comedy routines?

the director of the photo shoot was like ok now try one of you looking as retarded as you can. hooooold it. we got it. we got the shot.

Everything else about him?
Fucking. Awful.
Barf to you Cos.

Is your voice real or am I just in an auditory nightmare?
Because it kind of sounds like the worst thing to ever weasel into my ear.
Are you one of those people who is always DOING a voice?
Like you don't even remember what you really sound like because you have some weird obsession with putting on?
Thats based in deep insecurities and lack of self awareness, which is super lame, grow up.

You're also a humongous sellout.

And did you really think this was the wave of the future?

Of course you did, cause you're the same guy who thought it lucrative and wise to sell jello and puddin pops.
And don't ever make that jell-o face, that one expression with the pursed lips/head wiggle because it is irritating.
If I ever meet you and you do that, I will definitely scream.

The problem with screaming around the Cos is that people might assume hes drugging and raping you even if he isn't.
Because he is a molester.
Didn't you read all the statements made by women he gave the puddin pop to?
He also gave a few the Herp.
You self righteous bastard.

So how come you hate black folk so much Cos?
Why did you invent Fat Albert?
Was there any reason other than to diss the young black male?
Nope prob not.
I like how you go on news programs and visit colleges just to bitch and moan about poor black people who are stupid losers.

hi ornery. you look supes happs!

There is only one person who is more of a stupid loser than you and its the guy who designed all those fucking sweaters you wore thru the 80s.

Stupidest Loser title could also go to the pedophile/gerontophiliac kookoo bird who sculpted this bullshit.

All combined, your voice/face/sweaters/sexism/racism makes for a totally shitty person, sorry to tell you.

I'm also sorry somebody killed your son, but maybe thats why you turned into a total dickwiper.
Wait or it could have been the realization that you were replaced in our culture with a much more lovable black dude, his name is Morgan Freeman.
Yeah too bad about that.

If the Morgs ever shows up murdered, I think we can safely say who did it.

In closing, Fuck You Cos.

And I love you Cliff Huxtable.

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Annabelle said...

you fucked the cos? hot fire, gurllllllllllllllllllllll.