Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ladies, Please don't fuck the Nazis.

I'm at a crossroads here.

I have a webstats tracker, and I see that I have had 13 unique visitors today, yet 84 views.
Basically the 13 of you who looked on here since 12 AM have done so an average of 6.46 times.
Why did you look on here 6 times today?
I am totally flattered but are you stalking me?
I hope you are because I LOVE OBSESSIVE TENDENCIES.
I have like 48 of them. I obsess over food, alcohol, penises, cats, cat penises, frowning, Marlboro ultra lights, text messages, men who have penises I like, women I'm jealous of, words, songs, intentions, babies, eyeliner, scrubbing things, bug removal, horoscopes, insults, things that make me scream. etc.

More that anything I obsess over people obsessing over me.
Because I love extreme emotion.

So please do carry on.

In the instance that you're not sure if you're totes interested in looking at the same shit about how drunk I was last night or how sad I am this morning....
please divert your attention to the funniest blog ever
(other than mine)

He is famous, but I think he also probably googles himself 7 thousand times an hour, so maybe he will see he is mentioned here and we will become friends.
i think it could happen.

OK, read away.....

PS why have I taken until JUST NOW to accomplish posting direct links?
Oh right because I'm fucking retarded.


Kate said...

hmmm. except for cats, eyeliner and cigarettes, we have similar obsessions.

i think i was asleep before midnight because that's what life in a rhode island beach house does to you.

but i think i'm going from occasional reader to devoted reader #9.

and i have a vague sleepy memory of reading something last night about "oh maybe i should stop blogging b/c there are only 8 of you."

you are an awesome writer. don't you stop. not that i took you seriously.

Krissy said...

get a cat, we'll talk about it then.
are you a friend of sams?

Kate said...

nein, just a fan of her photography. i added you on flickr, which i use as a blog.

i am allergic to cats on an epic scale, though i'm tight with one called punchy panda; he lives in asbury and doesn't mess with my sinuses.