Saturday, March 1, 2008

Last Chance Saloon

Today is very alive, the seasons are changing and the city is breathing. Life is happiness.

So this will be the THIRD time I am with Scott Alger, drinking booze, waiting for him to have something epic to add to this blog. Maybe third times a charm. Yeah? Lets see.

re: summer days and summer nights... no need to think about what is not an answer but to create the future daily... remember we have no time nor space,... love is as you need

Yeah we may have 7 mortal sins, not withstanding my name does not change but know me as Lazar. You may not know me but you can as this.

March 27th, my opening at the Armory.
Scott Alger

Innocence and filth are siameses.
Never fear the similarities.

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