Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Experiment Postponement

So at the suggestion of Tally Dead Dead, today I was going to blog naked.
There are a couple of very good reasons for this. Main reason being, I really like to be naked. Reference Samantha West photography for any and all proof of this.
Speaking of Pammy, she has a show in LA this Friday. Get on tappa that SmellA folks.

Chamber Made. Show Title invented by YOURS TRULY.
Thank you thank you no need for applause.
Love you Pammy, I have never been prouder of anyone in my life.

Subject at hand.
The other reason to nude blog, I think people are generally removed from the uni. Here it all is, going on. Things are happening in an energy sense. We are energy ourselves. So if you think about it, clothes are just barrier to the energy fields. My maternal grandparents, were in fact, at a time, practicing nudists. Its simply in my blood to shed the gear and rock out with the elements. My mother told me an amazing story about having to eat dinner with her naked parents. Also playing cards naked. Whatever gets you going i guess.
Point being, I was going to blog nude to see if there was a palpable difference in my delivery. I was pretty set on the idea until I remembered that I live in a BASEMENT. Thought it may be pleasantly mild outdoors, it is about 40 degrees in my room. Therefor the nude experiment will be better played out in lets say a month.

So, lots of stuff.
First of all, I saw an amazing couple on the bus today. I should make a seperate blog just for bus tales.
So These two people, they are sitting on the bus. They got on before I did. I get on at 72nd so they were uptown uptown. Buying drugs?! You decide.
So they are both pretty schlumpy. Like, They have too many layers on. In addition, they have three plastic bags of crap under their seats, as well as two pairs of sneakers. Just carry your life around, NBD. If they wanna go for a jog, they are set! They have the kicks to perform!
So I really don;t care about whatever they have going on until they decide its snack time.
Lady dopehead takes out a haggard old movie theater box of Mike and Ikes. The next thing I observe is so very telling about their drug habits. The MOVEMENT ITSELF. Of dopehead lady. Shaking the box. And bringing hand to mouth. Takes a good minute and a half. Its like I am watching slo mo life. Her eyes are maybe 1/32 of the way open. Slow chomp. Like the big turtle in the swamp from Neverending Story. Now she has to pass some to her sloth-like lover. They are sharing Mike and Ikes not saying a word, they just randomly stroke eachother in a passive sleepy fashion.
I enjoy.
I took some pictures of them. Needless to say, they did not notice a goddamn thing.
Dope is Fucked. Up.

Classic garbage jacket find.

Dopehead body movements in unison!

New topic.
This Friday is First Fridays at the Muz of Natch History.
There are drinks and djs in the African Mammal wing.
Also, Yacht is performing and I like that.

Do join.

My life is getting quite stagnant, so I am spending afternoons cleaning house and downloading music I have never heard of. Every once in awhile I try to get someone to come over to no avail.
Then I give up and go to the corner for beers and Gil says, "Heeeeeey senorita!"
Then I feel bad about myself for being a total loser and getting a six at 5 pm.
I should be eating dinner.
I'm not.
This IS dinner.
Then I have weird cravings for things like jalapeno chips or Ben and Jerrys. Every once in awhile I want to walk all the way to Pathmark for something more exotic like a block of cheese or crab meat. With hot mustard. MMMMMMMMM.

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