Wednesday, March 12, 2008

lemme smell your hellhole

What perfect cadence.
Perfect sentence.I call that hilariopoetic.

I am an olfactory slut.
I like to smell everything (not everything but close)

New York is a great place for that.

I like to smell food before I eat it. And I like to report to whoever I am with at the moment what I can smell and if I find it pleasant or not.
This is one of my compulsive traits.

Some people hate to be smelled.
But I really like smelling people because it helps you learn whether or not they should be in your pack. (like wolves)
Sometimes you should smell people secretly, like over their shoulder near their neck so they don't think you are Hannibal Lecter.
Some people have pheremones that whisper a little secret to you that sounds like this, "Hey. Hey you. Psst. Smell meeeeeee. With your soooooul."
So you have to listen because your brain makes you do it. And its AWEsome.

, also known as androsta-4,16,-dien-3-one, is a chemical compound that has been described as having strong pheromone-like activities in humans.[1] It is derivative of the sex hormone testosterone: however, androstadienone does not exhibit any known androgenic or anabolic effects. Though it has been reported to significantly affect the mood of women, it does not alter behaviour. [2] Androstadienone has a strong odor of sweat and is commonly sold in male fragrances, purportedly to increase sexual attraction.

I would venture to say it in fact DOES alter behaviour of women and I speak for myself.

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