Monday, March 31, 2008

I love you, tube.

I love so many things.
One of my favorite things ever is kids.
i have spent nearly a decade taking care of other peoples kids and thats ok because I can't really afford my own.
Kids are so funny and magical it makes me feel squishy inside.

I also love Hasids.
I don't love when they take the one empty seat on the subway instead of offering it to a lady.
I don't love it when they ask me weird questions like "why do you die your hair?" or "how do you know you're not Jewish?"
Typically right after that, they give me the sex eye and I get scared and want to run far far away.
Aside from that, they are pretty fucking lovable.
Faith is a fantastic thing, even if it is a bit blind.
I still think its the cats pajamas.

Where is this going?
I know you want to know but if you really care you will watch the video at the end of the nonsense.

OK I also love musicians.
I took cello lessons a few years ago and I would sit in my room just holding it. Oh strings, you do to my ears what the angels voice does to the damned.
Its fantastic to try to make music, its fantastic to listen to music, it is MOST fantastic to be around music without production tinkering because its super honest and uplifting.
And jamming out is basically the best little gift in the universe, its free and beautiful and uplifting.
Why do you think the goddamned hippies sit around doing it all day?
Well its also the pot, but they like the joy involved in the creation of rhythmic sound.

That being said, I might kidnap this Hasid toddler keyboard playing moppet:

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