Tuesday, April 1, 2008

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Primal Drival

Back in the saddle babies.
Three days of blogging in a row.
That could mean any number of things.
Most likely it means I am trying to get a grip and stay in this apartment so I don't go traipsing around throwing money into the gutters.
Because I might as well do that, considering what I buy. Dinner sometimes. Vodka. A car to pick me up AFTER the vodka. Its all a very slippery slope. Don't bend over for the soap.
Two good sayings, used for very varied situations.

I am excited about a couple of things currently.
One of them is the fact that I have a week off later this month.
Free time is one of those double edged sword thingies.
Oh, rad....FREE TIME!
On the other side, idle hands get into trubbies.
I'm not sure of the exact phrasing, but thats cause I don;t have a pepaw to call up and use as my reference. I have to rely on myself, and only old timers know that kind of stuff. Example: All pepaws know: "Spare the rod, spoil the child."
Good call grandpa, lets beat our kids so they don't come out brats.
Better to make them violent future wife beaters. Excellent theory.

Back to week off.
I definitely have to go to Albany to see Beebs and I definitely have to disappear to Jersey for a couple of days.
I miss my friend who I have known for over ten years. Whenever I see her she makes me laugh so hard I usually hurt myself. Or pee myself. I feel no shame about that by the way. No one EVER admits to peeing in their pants or in a bed or between parked cars. But I'll be serious for a minute.
When I have to pee.
I consider doing it in LOTS of places I'm not supposed to.
That brings me right back around to my old dear friend I was mentioning. One night, probably about a year ago, I took her and her girlfriend to Home Sweet Home. We drank alot, and ended up walking home in the rain I think.
After a block or so of having to pee, she pulls her pants down and pees into a IRON WIRE GARBAGE CAN.
Like the kind you can see right through basically.
It was amazing.
This is the kind of shit you cannot make up.
Only making it more hilarious is the fact that there are other humans walking around, and she is singing a song she has made up on the spot.
Something about humping the rain as I recall.
The label immature does not apply, nor does uncouth.
She was simply existing freely like a animal would.
Don't hate because the release of fear of judgement would cause us to ALL relieve ourselves in public and sing all the while.

I don't remember what I was talking about.

Side note:

Jackies still got the touch.

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