Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kyyy-oat. (thats how they say it in the southwest, yeah?)

Today I read an article in the Times about the recession.
How its not JUST a recession, its more.
For the first time in America, the cost of living is rising at a steady pace, yet the most recent Census has shown a decline in family income.
What the fuck is that?
I was just on IM with my mom (yes I said it, relax)
and she said this,

"oh yes. keep your money close to your belly!"

First of all, raise your hand if you have any idea what that is supposed to mean.
Second of all, my mother is the greatest woman I know. She is so fantastically maternal and somehow also my best friend.
Cheers to that.

So this week has turned so very positive. A few panic attacks, an awful "I can't pay the rent" scenario, a looming week off with no pay....
But I feel quite excellent in hindsight because its all resolved. It took about 48 hours but felt eternal.
I went to the Met, yesterday? Monday?
Doesn't matter.
With Le Petit Ryan and the boys.
Of course the one thing I felt I had to take a picture of, I got yelled at for.
The guard said its a special display.
Thats funny.
I thought the whole "I take up three city blocks" building was special displays.
My bad.
Go fuck yourself.
Whatever, here it is, officially the raddest thing to come out of any civilization through all time.

Bear in mind, those are real teeth. Snarling. Embedded in fur scraps and feathers. Made onto a mask. For creepy people to wear. Ceremonially.
If I am ever incarcerated for anything, know that it was to steal this monstrosity.
Lemme get on tappa theeat!

Walking down 5th Ave is just so fantastic this time of year.
Leaving the museum to go back down to the 70s I see 800 trees and they all look like this:

No, I have no desire to move uptown but I do in a way wish that the LES would get its gutter self ungutterized in some ways.
I want to smell hydrangeas and hyascinth sometimes, not just garbage and piss.

Side note:
Is it just me or is this a scary fucking edifice?

I was on my way home, post "lovely day at the Met/strolling the spring filled streets/sunning at the park on 84th"
Going down 2nd Ave on the bus, and this nightmare is looming to my left.
Remember that time you went to school for architecture?
Then you graduated?
Then you scored that rad job at that firm in Manhattan?
Then after years of ladder climbing you got to design your own jam?
That was so awesome!
Great job. Really.

Observing and then criticizing is the one thing I will never ever stop doing.
This is why I am single.
Just a guess.

Most important information of the day. I have decided that this summer I want to go to New Mexico.
I need to get with the spirits, stat.
I hope I bring home a wolf dog and a bag of Indian blessed pebbles. And a new soul.

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