Friday, April 25, 2008

What everybody cool wears.

Blog neglecting.
So geigh.

I was doing very important things for my week off from work now I am sitting here in a bathrobe and Judge Judy is on.
Great job.
Hey loser, get dressed its 4 pm.

Anyway I was in Albany with Beebs and Sterp.
I will write an epic post about that later, my pictures from it are on another computahhh.
Its worth the wait.

Then I went to Jersey to see my sister and my niece and my baby fever is pretty extreme. Sometimes I want to cry into a cup, make a wish over it, pour it into a magical wishing well and have a little babe drop out of the sky like this , "Mama!"
Don;t be scared.
Speaking of scared, i'm fucking terrified of wells so maybe I should pour the cup of tears into something else like a wishing stream.
Maybe I should make a tshirt that says cup of tears like cup of soup. That would be retarded.

Anyway I was super happy to get back home to the city, I totally missed my bed.
I think I napped for about six hours when I got back in Wednesday because Im a lazy slob.
Then went for drinkies and food with Professor Alger at Les Enfants.
Do I love that place?
Ran over to Sweet Paradikes and saw Lori Balls Out Lolo in the street being weird.
She makes me laugh.
Came back to Market Street to dress Lori up like a sexy gal which was hilarious.
Best thing that has happened in weeks, Simon found the most genius thing to ever show up on youtube:

I think he was way more into the videos of people getting pantsed and soft porn in an office setting but I'm pretty into the crocs topic.
I also told Simon he would be blogged so there it is.
A shoutout about him being a perv.
Who doesnt love a pervert though.
He also loves baby horses so that makes up for it.

Speaking of youtube, and perverts, and horses, I watched a documentary yesterday called Animal Passions about creeps who do it to farm animals and dogs.
You know you want to watch it I won't tell anybody.
You don't see anything gross, its just a bunch of screwballs talking about how much they love their pet and how it feels great and the animals like it.
Oh yeah?
Kill yourself.

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