Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tell me.

If I'm a dick.

I will probably get a flood of IMs and texts and emails like "Yeah dude, you're really out of line about 99 percent of the time you're talking or looking at someone or generally conscious."

I just need to clear up that I never seem to get the point across that I have fun most of the time.
I'm not actually pissed off about expensive cabs or lines outside of galleries or being frighteningly single.
This directly applies to last night as well as pretty much every day of my life.

I am actually really happy which you would never guess, but for the most part, I am maniacally full of life energy.
If I was cheerful there would be absolutely nothing funny about me.
Hence, THE BLOG.

That being said, I would like to both apologize to my dear friends and thank them for not shunning me for being such a human black hole.
Or feigning it for entertainment purposes.

PS. I am also a good hugger. Hard to believe I know. I have a totally squishy personality inside.
I don't want word getting around about that shit so keep it hushy

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