Monday, May 5, 2008

*Don't waste the hot years

My computer is useless.
I went to the apple store this morning and there were europeans with stupid glasses and sneakers without laces EVERYWHERE.
They also love stripes. On all clothing items.
And they love talking about the exchange rate and how awesome it is that our economy eats shit.
Ugh go away.

So the guy who tried to fix my stupid rotten Apple was named Bobel.
For peepsake.
He was very annoying and had to erase every single thing in my computer to get it working at all.
I decided that I hate everything and I'm glad I have almost nothing.
Poor people are free people.
I am just trying to talk myself out of the fact that I am an ignorant selfish consumer just like the rest of modern society.
The altitude up here on my high horse is making it hard to breathe.
i have asthma.

I have a super super long day of work and I have a rotten soul right now.
I think its from traveling this weekend.
Going to Atlanta, which is a place I happen to not like much, and getting delayed at the airport yesterday for awhile has made me a fucking monster today.
I only comprehend two types of people:
assholes and people from New York/New Jersey.
Usually if you are from here you are also an asshole so it works out really well for me.
People in Atlanta do EVERYTHING at half speed.

They also have the most disgusting food I have ever eaten.
Bad mexican, no delis, no SELTZER. What?? Not kidding. They dont HAVE seltzer. My mom and I realized its because theres no jews there. It all makes sense now.
The only thing they do right is fried chicken.

Aside from my family, which is obviously awesome, there is not much I like about the entire region. Being judgemental is shitty but give me a break already. There are some places i just don't belong.

One day in the fututre I will stop talking shit and just put up pictures of all these things, which is the only reason people look at blogs in the first place.

On a more fantastic note, i watched the end of The Outsiders yesterday with my sister.
How much hot bitch boyman action can you stuff into 90 minutes?
The answer.
Personally I have a soft spot for Dally.
He wears a shirt for about ten whole minutes of the movie and says things that are meant to be deep but come out hilarious.
"Do it for Johnny!"
Wipe away a tear, smoke a cigarrette and punch something! Yeah!
Fucking soches.

As I've said many times, I hate Tom Cruise and i want him to die.
Thank god hes only in it for a few scenes.
Also Ralph Maccio is absolutely horrible looking.
Aside from them, I wish I found a magic lamp with a genie in it and I would say my first wish would be take me to a universe where teenage Matt Dillon and Rob Lowe get into fights and them i get to make out with them behind a dumpster somewhere.
Then Patrick Swayze gives us hugs and tells us not to worry because as long as we stick together they'll never take us down.
Then I would carve a heart and DIE SOCH in a tree with my switch blade.

*blog title courtesy of Bianca.

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