Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I got anotha man but he ain't like ya

Firsty, todays food day.
I had a killer lunch my boss is a good cook.
Never reheat real food in anything but a sauce pan or an oven.
Show respect for your foods.
In one saucepan you can certainly heat your spinach, bbq pulled pork, and get your challah roll toastahh.
Challah atcha girl.

Nothing can go wrong after a good lunch its a little blessing in your tummy and then you just stroll through the day like a pepaw in the park.
Speaking of parks, peep 76th and York.
There are weird school kids there speaking French but that just part of the package.
Sunlight, camels, handball courts, trees.
Big time city utopia.
I think in the summer months the cement camel duo should spit water for cooling purposes but they don't.
Can't win em all.

My boys my boys the boys of my dreams are just like this
eternally boys never men eeeeew men.

Shout out to Liv for letting me "borrow" her hat because it means I don't have to dye my roots yet.

Bad hair equals bad self perception.
"ew I look horrible today"
"oh wait its just my Tennessee trailer 3 shades too dark root situation"

I say that in the mirror every morning.
I need a colorist.
I'm so glad I have a job title that doesn't end in IST.

Scoot across the rug its storytime.
Last night Pam stopped by, she Katie and I had a nice little sesh.

I want your boobs to be my adoptive caretaker.

sultan of the fertile bust valley

We told Katie about asshole bleach, and she definitely did not understand the concept.
So I explained it to the best of my ability and this was her reaction:

The whole thing about asshole bleaching is that its just taking the whole "cleanin up around town" thing really far.

I get it. Girls are supposed to be perfect.
But can a butthole catch a break?
Apparently not.
I have more to say on the topic but my mother reads this so I will exit stage left yaaaa da da da da da...Da!

Scott (not the professor but a young friend of Sir Ames)
dropped by with some fucking bedazzled gypsy cart.
He claims he will be selling newspapers in it on Canal or some ridiculous scheme like that.
Those crazy art loving kids.

Then he tells some story about girls who saw him dragging his cart along and stopped him to chat.
Turns out they were some kind of conceptual tramps because they gave him this upon their departure:

No thats not a flying saucer its my thumb.
Fuck off.

Secondy, what is a slut coupon.
Thirdy, how do you redeem it?
I need to figure this out quick because its gross and stupid and I wish I thought of it.

About five minutes after that I decided to go to sleep and thats the end of it all.
My room is clean and the windows are wide.


For those of you who have the patience of a retarded detective cross examiner, Night of 1000 Stevies pictures and or tales will commence as soon as Liv gets her shit moving and gives us fantastic photos.
I am amidst collecting.
Give up. Nevs.

* to get on tappa theeat before I cover it check


Samantha West Photography said...

I think someone is getting good with the camera phone ow owwwww!

Denise said...

i love food pictures almost as much as i love food