Sunday, May 18, 2008

Everyones lost it.

I had one of those nights on Friday where I made at least 10 dudes angry.
By saying mean things to them and making them feel emasculated.
I think at some point I am going to get punched in the face.
Then it will be on for real.
I have been having fantasies about throwing drinks at people, not to get them wet, but to see them get hit by the glass.
I don't want them to get hurt really I just think bar fights are this thing I am personally fascinated by.
They are so Roadhouse.
I think challenging someone who could possibly break your nose is the definition of freedom.

Another thing I found out Friday - Dumbo is the windiest neighborhood in the universe. The "breeze" coming off the water could blow away a fucking rhino.
Its not whimsical or romantic or cinematic, its unbearable.
I went with Katie to meet Liv (and Will) at the photo thing afterparty whatever.
We were supposed to have a pass but slipping in sidedoors works pretty well.
Liv has been looking especially ladylike what with her knee length frocks and demure demeanor.
The crowd there was pretty great mostly because there is nothing like seeing about 50 photonerds dance badly to 90s gimmick rap.
There were also lots of uglyhot old men wearing weird hats and ill fitted jackets. I noticed lots of guys wearing "SHOES shoes." Which mean like, grown up man shoes, dress shoes.
Olivia and I decided that SHOES shoes means youre either European or gay. Fair analysis.
This space in dumbo whatever it was is pretty huge and overwhelming. I don't care about photography but if I did it would have held my attention for hours I'm sure.

Photos from people in LA who cares big chandelier I want one people people free drinks mean pissed off event workers fuck you, you took the job.

Wow books about pictures.
Picture books. For professional adults.

There was free beer and wine which is always nice and i had fun lying to people about myself. Like when they would ask "oh did your photos win anything?"
"My photos? Yeah, yeah they did. Its pretty exciting."
"Really? Wow, congrats."
"Yeah, thats one of mine over there on the wall."


Katie drinking could maybe amuse me for the remainder of my life

Liv and Katie walkdanced right out of there.
It was really annoying to watch.
It was like. A shuffle.
When I think of shuffling I think of Chevy Chase which then makes me think about making out (with Chevy Chase)
(only during his drug years though, thats when he was a fox)

We went to Sweet Paradise surprise surprise to drink some more.

FP Will.
Never hit a guy with glasses.

Glasses was really horribly behaved.
Opening bags of food to "taste" at the store. Yelling about cars costing too much and deciding not to pay. What you can;t see is that Fashion Plate Will was also wearing two denim shirts. Why two?

We bought some Reeses Pieces courtesy of Olivias wallet and we were really nice about sharing. We gave lots of people free candy by walking by and dropping a couple in their drinks.
And by we I mean me.
Lil Ames showed up at some point and it was roomie reunion which is a big big deal after you've had about 10 drinks.

The rest of my night is not blog appropriate but I did come really close to smacking my friends boyfriend and I also somehow woke up sick Saturday morning.
And I still feel crusty.
I really hate that, the way god punishes you for having fun by halting your ability to breathe through your nose. So yesterday I could NOT attend Harold Hunter Day which was ten fucking feet from my apartment, I CANCELLED the open house to rent out Katies room this summer, I DID NOT get to go to any of the 18 trillion things that were going on last night.

BUT I watched a fantastic movie about a boy and his cokehead mom who leave the city to go to New Jersey for a summer and hang out with horrible rich people.
Very coming of age.
I highly recommend it.
There is lots of underage sexytime, liquid acid trips, deadhorse victims, Donald Sutherland, and golf.
Oh and guns.
And body paint.
I think I've given enough evidence that it is two hours of pure cinematic goodness.
I lso cried a little bit at the end because its super sad/heartwarming.
We all just want to be loved, you know???
You can watch it on


Why is it still raining.

I've been looking out this window for about 24 hours at this point and I will have to leave my room eventually.
And snore.

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