Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Theres no crying in baseball.

Good thing I hate baseball.

Crash and burn happened yesterday.
I was on a natural high after taking photos with Liv, I had so much fun trying to twirl around in lace undies and a fur coat without scowling.
Every girl should have a photo of herself in her 20s wearing just a short fur coat.
Animals are cute but sos my butt. Annnd I wanna remember it this way. Forever.

Went and met with some friends after that, good times, I was having a Kayne moment with myself.
Speaking in caps.
Telling Jeylans dog that I don't like him.
Playing Labi Siffre followed by Lil Kim followed by Big L.
There was no OFF button yesterday.

Pathetically enough, I realized I was just crazy sad and totally trying to avoid that.
So I just kept going and suddenly around midnight, I'm sitting with one of my best friends in the world at my bosses restaurant, thank god he wasn't there....
and I go into hysterics.
Got put into a cab in about 2 seconds flat, thank you Jeylan.
It was the opposite of great job.

That being said, the full moon comes tonight so I refuse to leave this apartment now that its dark out. I am willing to bet I would end up in the hospital/a wrestling match/an abandoned alleyway/a coven.

To make myself feel better I'm going to write a little letter to God now.

Dear God,

You are really cute sometimes the way you trick me.
You are like an Almighty Tom Green.
Such a off color sense of humor.
Now that I have finally stopped crying and moping around feeling bad for myself, I am starting to feel pretty ok-ish.
But if you could use your powerz to make my back stop hurting that would be holler worthy.
I might just take ibuprofen because it seems like you are really busy with all kinds of weird astrological flimflam right now.

Holding you down,
Scream atcher gurl,


PS Happy Fun Birthdays for JensRockingChair (get it, because shes a year older? Old people like rocking chairs, not Rock Music? sorry I'm really short on wit today)

DJ MacBook Pro Team

I now realize how gay it is that Dan and Daniel styled this photograph.

Who are these people

Looking so sweet 16!

Dance partner

Shout out to my female lovers who took part in a lovely reunion with me a few days ago.
Its always those really good times where you take no pictures because you're so busy being ecstatic.
D Stephanie Liv Krissy Chiara equals happy.
Plus two Dans and a Will and cameos by Jiwon and Nikki and a dash of LA Erin and beers in my purse.
Plus this thing:

Plus rave music.

It's time for cookies and iced tea.

And maybe macaroni first.

Food and jokes are the best.
And TyTy Baby Banks' forehead.


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jens397 said...

i just saw this now.
obviously i've been drunk since this sweet 16 party.

hearts 'n shit to you. xo