Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Art of Fuckery

No offense Glenn, but you are the reason why women despise their reflection in the mirror.
Every time you cash a check, a 14 year old girl begs her mom for breast implants and a rhinoplasty.

No, you know what?
...its not Glenns fault completely.
We are the ones who ask for it.
We are the ones who look at model/actresses on magazine covers and say all aghast, "UGH. What a fucking shame. That bitch looks like she could use a nap and a stint in rehab. How old is she now??? Cause she looks about 80. And who told her she can be photographed at that angle? she looks like a god damn wildebeest"

Society of haters.
All of us.

No wonder Glenn is in high demand.

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