Sunday, February 8, 2009

Don't even bother

Sew, the house i grew up in burned down recently.
Thats weird to me.
Goodbye childhood hello adulties.
Using the word adulties voids what I just said.

It was warmer today.
Who cares.

I went to Bergdorf with my mom the other day and stared at Zac Posen party dresses.
That was depressing and also awesome.
PS who doesn't love his knits?

Seeing this one on a hanger gave me a fashion boner.
Also, someone old and rich please buy me a Herve bandage dress in emerald or navy and I will wear it whenever you want me to and I will pretend to love you when we kiss passionately in public.
Some might call that prostitution, I call it street smartz.
Samantha just informed me that she feels they are played out, and I fully agree.
Doesn't defeat my desire for one.

Speaking of the streets, don't worry, I saw this guy last night.

The creepiest trend of the 90s is still alive and well.
Excuse me adult Mexican, but I think you could fit all of your children in your pants.

Same deli I saw Mexican Raver in boasts this sign:

I don't think thats very nice.

I played cards in New Jersey the other night.
It looked like this.

Hi Randi.
Nice seeing you once every 5 years.
Somehow someone created a whole deck of cards showcasing Irish football heroes.
How that works, I don't know.
Side note, playing football does not make you a hero, nor does being Irish.
My brother is the only person in the world who would own something such as said deck of cards.
I bet my dad gave it to him in his Christmas stocking.

Best quote of the week via a text convo I had with M***y...

"seriouslah, just mouth rape his ass"

I think I can end blogging on that note.

All people think about is making out.
Spring has sprung a lil early, my hot panty friends.


Happy Cuties said...

i will let this pass because of the fat pants and the fat pants only.

p.s. kiletlym

virtual brian said...

Chrissy Call Me. (or e-mail me @

Your fav. Uncle.

(tried to call you today but got a weird message)

Anonymous said...

That weird message was probably her stupid voice. She probably got that from her stupid uncle.