Monday, February 9, 2009

Great Job morning edition

This morning I am realizing sometimes you just have to give up.
This applies to many facets of existence, but today I was reminded of this truth of all truths based on a struggle with my sock.

Since the dawn of the skinny jean, hipsters, fashionistas and copycats like me alike have been wondering how to get their socks on in the winter with said denims.

I am a huge fan of the weather apprope sock. Hi, its January. Wear a thick sock.
So yeah, if you're one of those people who thinks before they act, you put the sock on first, then you put the jeans on, and its only a slight torture getting that tiny foot hole up around your heel then ankle.

Other scenario...
you are me.
You do NOT think before doing anything at all.

You pu on your jeans, then go rummaging through your giant bag of laundry trying to find the winter thickness of sock.
Oh, nbd, heres some ABOVE THE KNEE SOCKS.
First I'll scrunch them with that weird tights-prep hand wiggle thing, then try to shimmy them on my foot and over the jeans.
Maybe I should cuff the jean because everything is getting mad bunchy etc?
Herm, skinny jeans do not cuff well.
Ok, so the sock will just have to be scrunchy.
Actually no because the feeling of tight jean plus about a thousand yards of sock around my lower leg area is giving me a panic attack.

Don't worry.
Now I'm late for work.

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