Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Real Girl

There is no power in a broken arm.
Its pretty much a personal prison for 6-8 weeks.
I'm not working, hence, I have tons of time.
You would think that would lead to:

.updating my license
.renewing my passport
.discovering things
.going to the beach
.taking up new hobbies
.keeping up with my stupid blog
.writing something awesome not on the internet
.having a really super clean apartment
.finding a good broker
.reading long difficult books
.searching for a new more awesome job for the fall

I have done zero of these things.
I have gone on dinner dates.
I have spent a lot of time cursing aloud carrying heavy things with one hand.
I have eaten too much and gotten annoyed at how impossible it is to fold laundry uni-handed.
I have MAYBE gotten drunk and been amusing to other people thrice.

But its not a fail situation because its almost my birthday and everything will be different then because I said so.
Heres some things I saw in the August of 2009 (1-18)

Other peoples birthdays were fun.

Jeylan and Crystals equaled brunch and tye dye.
Sounds sober.
Thats because they are better than us.
Just kidding no they aren't.
But sort of are.
Day things are cute until you realize its too hot for that shit.
I smelled like Patrick Ewing I bet. (I could see him being an especially musky locker room sweat type who uses prescription deod)

Crystal looks like Alice in Wonderland.
David talked a lot of shit on how specifically she orders food yet still doesn't like it when it arrives.
Perfectly enough, Crystal sent back her food because of too much sauce and too little cheese.
She also sent back her tea.

Rika's torso.

Beautiful Ilona nearly pooped on by a bird.

Alice is foreign so she actually purchased a street cd.
With money.
But it's signed.

Which impressed Werman.

Further east, midday sun:

Jeylan Yolac 26 years old look at those stems.
Gold chains/tye dye tees.

Vampire shit.


Accidental vulgarity.

Models sit still.

Bowie does not.

Nanny duties.

The end of August 1st.

I've seen 400 movies this month, thank you SJ.

Part of me says gross, the other part says put that in my face.
Thats what she said.

I went on a Coney Island adventure where there were creatures and the Cyclone and burned footie bottoms from the sand.

These fish are prehistoric.
Who says?Me.

Tiny pony how I'm apposta ride you when you swim so side-a-ways?

America Starfish display freedom and unity pride banners flags underwater.

It looks like this manatee was born awhile ago but emotionally I'm saying it is born right then.

I wanna talk to it.

So do they.

Then Staten Island adventure:

Laura Rose Roxy happy surprise birthday!
Magical girl.

James loves dogs.
In an open mouth way.

Baby Bows!

I love this family and this house.
I love their old dog Hercules' shrine in the living room and the way the weird curtains look like my moms.
Mothers in Staten Island, Pennsylvania, Long Island, and New Jersey are all exactly the same.
This is not a generalization.
It is a known fact of the American northeastern culture.

Some people have so much going on in them you can't take pictures.
It's a wonderful trait.

The ferry is full of mutants.
I'm into it.

Museum of Natural History adventure:

Stop looking at me.

I wish he could talk because anyone who wears those boots is probably hilariously pompous.


MoMa adventure:

Song Dong Project 90.
Waste Not.
Ongoing until September 7th, it's an enlightening exhibit.

Scientist are artists because they make bat wings from engineered pig flesh.
In hypercolor.

Man Ray composed this from a cello and horse hair.
Basically it is my soul actualized.


$9.00 root beer float on the terrace.

I'm learning that I love food more than most other things in this world.
Its beauty I get.

Wooster show adventure:

I'm always so proud yall.
All my love old friend.

Animal Collective in Prospect Park:

The spirit of Denise, also the body.
James was there with us.
Not dancing.

I was very happy to hear My Girls.

It was not the most amazing show of my life but that is already held by Prince at Madison Square Garden.
That will be followed by Radiohead, whenever it is I go to see them.

I'm not going to lie.
I took drugs.
They were fun later when we listened to itunes in bed for 3 hours.

New Memories:

Olivia Malone is so pretty.
I like to think about what other people may be thinking about.

I enjoy living in Gotham City.
I'm not leaving.

Its closer to my birthday now.


Print Postcards said...

Great photos. They really captured the essence of every event or place it took. I'm glad that you saw the 'brighter side' of what you went through. Hope you're doing fine. :)

Anonymous said...

"Great photos. They really captured the essence of every event or place it took. I'm glad that you saw the 'brighter side' of what you went through. Hope you're doing fine. :)"

Blah Blah Blah look at me i'm sucking up to some random fucking girl from a fucking blog... just to be clear those pictures are fucking stupid and lack the sharpness or character that define photography as an art. Only two words can describe this waste of time: Amateur Shit.

by the way, FUCK YOU VICTOR!