Saturday, August 1, 2009

I bet you can read the mania in my voice.

My niece thinks I'm am idiot.

I concur.


At least I'm not this lady trying to peddle weird Paula-Abdul-in-her-heyday onesie organza pantsuits on Ebay:

just in case it wasn't horrifying enough, lets do a weird bloated abdomen bony Cruella knee cap detail shot:

Even Prince circa 89 would be like 'girl that shit is very flouncy if you ask me'

PS yes that is a real listing and I sort of considered bidding just so I can have a backup funny drunk costume.

Peeeeearl button deeeeeeeetail.

Lets on get back on track with a picture of my boobs. obvio.

Stephanie and I have mastered the dirty roll in the yard shot.
Also why do I always look like the ringleader of the local fight club?
Not really that into it.
There should be a dialogue bubble by my head saying "next motherfucker get greased and ready because I am tre-zero segundos away from ripping yer limbs off and beating your boyfriend with them"

Everybody just relax.

Tye-Dye Party tomorrow for one of my besties and also Crystal. I mean Crystals ok I guess too.

Technically Jeylan is spelled Ceylan, so lets call it C+C Hippie Factory.

I'm gonna tye-dye the shit out of my sling!


FYI I am supes hype to blog AC but first I need pics of my injury hint hint Olivia Denise Stephanie Nicki.


Denise said...

i need some pics too, my camera was broke, as per usual when anything interesting happens, nikki promised an email of some...?!?!

Anonymous said...

Typical Denise...