Friday, March 26, 2010

Annonymous. Brave. And True.

The internet is a fairly repulsive platform for sharing experiences.
My friends and family who wonder why I stopped blogging, please refer to the superbly weird commentary made by strangers in the recent months.
Antisemitism, hateful opinions that I don't value or give merit to, anger anger anger disgusting creepy lurky vomit.

A gentle message to the commentators:
If you are neither friend or family to me; I have never written a word for you. Please don't concern yourself with my photos, stories, or feelings.
In such an open forum I expect varying opinions but really, cmon.

As for today, I will be getting back to my beautiful life.
Thanks for your input punkins.


miss corinne said...

Dear Gypsy -

I manage to get people commenting all sorts of extremely hateful (and weirdly personal) shit on my blog and I talk about gardening most of the time! I hope you don't stop blogging because it cracks me up and I especially need my does o' Krassy now that I've moved.

F the Haters.
- C

sugarmouse said...

i love the way you write.

shame you gave up blogging.

undeniablymaybe said...

Wow, that really sucks. People on the internet can be real assbags. And it sucks b/c, I just randomly found your blog while searching Google images for a picture of Andy Samberg for *my* blog. Only read a couple of posts, but yours is definitely a writing style I would subscribe to and enjoy. Maybe someday you'll come back! ;) Peace, hope you're out there enjoying life.