Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Privacy is a weird concept.
I don't particularly care for/about it.
I like it when people tell me 'too much information.'
My happiness in a home is directly proportionate to how many doors there are, and whether or not they remain ajar.
I MUST pee within earshot of other people, and best case scenario, I enjoy carrying on a conversation while doing my business.
Sidenote: looking for peeing with door open visual I found this:
(only funny to me?)

When people accuse me of speaking too loudly I get really sad because I believe theres a chance everyone around wants to know what I had for lunch or what I think of David Lynch (brutally overrated/a dickbag)

That being said, I am trying to come to terms with how unusual all this is.
There are many people I care about who WILL NOT leave the door open when they pee. If I try to come in their bathroom while its occupied, they will not like it and they will scold me.
My friends might roll their eyes in my direction and try to sort out just what my issue is. This is how it goes:
"Krissy. How old are you? Do you know that you're saying too much? Do you hear yourself? Some things are supposed to be sacred."

I will tell you what I think is sacred.
I think silence is sacred, just like the rest of yall. I know when it's time to hush up. (Right?)
I think privacy, yes, sure, it's really great.
I think acting like a grown up and giving people space is totally awesome for real blargblargblarg.
That doesn't mean I don't love to be all in others business/have them all up in mine.

It's not a neediness thing, its a human bonding thing.
I wanna bond.
If you are looking for someone to succubus onto, I am your girl.
Because it's really all about duos, threesomes, teams, whatever.
(I try to avoid 'gangs' or 'crews' though because they are scary and violent and in the end they WILL hunt the weak and become cannibals, a la The Road)
Case in point, my best girlfriends and I are the Tiny Ponies. Actually we began as a number of things, one of them being Teen Horse Walk (4 girl band where no one plays instruments or sings very well)
When we want to get together we do a calling of the Ponies.
Group texts about where we can 'corral'
Plans for little trips, tattoos we should communally get, secret jokes no one else will understand.
Extreme maturity.
This inevitably makes all of us feel special and loved.
And that's why I don't dig on privacy and space.
I'm not sure if this all actually relates to my original point, I highly doubt it.
I'm just saying, the definition of privacy is: The quality or condition of being secluded from the presence or view of others.
That does not sound like my gig.

Also not my gig?
If you accidentally type in gettinontappayas.blogPSot.com (eensy weensy typo) you get some balls out bible study site with links to go away to Egypt or something.

On that note, the next time I blog I'm going to talk about how bad I am at shopping and how my boif has way better taste that me.
I will have photographs to make my point clear.

Speaking of shopping, if any of you want to get my a holiday gift, I would like some Wolford stockings to increase my sex appeal and also anything made of silk/lace/velvet.
Lets get victorian.
Or lets just find this exact gear and stick me in it.